Vietnam Mission Trip

Hello Friends,

In just a few short weeks I will be headed overseas on a mission trip to Vietnam with other church planters and leaders from the Glocal Network and Northwood Church. During this trip I will have opportunities to serve people there, but also the opportunity to learn about how Northwood has utilized their global partnerships there.  I am very excited about this opportunity to learn, but also because it could lead to South Nashville Church becoming part of the Glocal network which could result in additional funding, training, and an ongoing relationship with other like-minded churches around world.

I am committed to go on this trip, but we are $850 $700 short of our fundraising goal. I am sharing this need with you to give you an opportunity to participate in what God is doing to make SNC into a church that impacts the whole world.  To participate, we are asking you to do three things:

  1. Pray that this will be a fruitful trip that will not only benefit the people we will impact, but also for the future of SNC.
  2. Pray that we will be able to raise the balance of our funds.
  3. Consider how you might be able to contribute to this trip.

We have setup a direct link for anyone who might be want to contribute to this trip which can be found here:

***Any amounts given that exceed the total cost of the trip will be applied to the startup costs for SNC***

I appreciate all your help.

Pastor Bill

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