SNC Arts exists to promote the arts among all kinds of people in South Nashville. The primary focus of this ministry is to support the arts, music, and theater departments of schools within the Overton cluster. 

Running Sound and Lights at Tusculum’s Aladdin

We believe that arts play a crucial but often neglected role in the lives of students and the community. When school budgets are tight, the arts programs are often the first to be reduced in favor of subjects that directly impact standardized test scores. There is growing evidence, however, that schools with strong arts programs tend to score higher on standardized tests. A recent two-year study in the Houston area showed that an intentional investment in arts education resulted in a 3.6% reduction in disciplinary infractions, an improvement of 13% against the standard deviation in writing scores, and an 8% increase in students’ measured compassion for others. The impact of arts is evident, but the support for these programs isn’t.

Raising funds for Tusculum’s Theater Department

South Nashville Church is committed to supporting these overlooked school programs, as we are able. Our current focus is to provide technical and production assistance to theater productions. In the past year, we have been able to assist Oliver Middle School and Tusculum Elementary with their musicals by helping provide sound and lights during their productions. In addition to this, we were able to raise funds for the Tusculum Music and Theater department so they could purchase additional wireless microphones. 

Running Sound at Oliver Middle School Awards Show

How can I help? If you are asking this question, there are two ways to help. One way is to join our team. If you have skills and experience in the arts then you should consider serving with us to serve the community. How we serve is based upon the assets we have to offer. Your skills could be the key to expanding this ministry. Second, you can specifically support this ministry financially. By supporting our ministry financially you will enable us to tangibly bless these programs. Contact us at if you are interested in helping the SNC Arts Ministry.

Supporting the Oliver Middle School Drama kids from the sound booth while they performed at a Teacher’s Leadership Conference