The disciple-making approach is focused on equipping the body of South Nashville Church (Eph 4:12) to engage their spheres of influence (OIKOS) with the gospel thus inviting a diverse community to be fellow members of the household (OIKOS) of God (Eph 2:19).

What is OIKOS? OIKOS is a Greek word in the Bible that is often translated as household. The word points to more than the immediate family, but describes one’s entire circle of close relationships. One’s OIKOS is formed by relationships a person has where they live, work, play, serve, and shop. The significance of this term is that God has been using the OIKOS to advance his Kingdom. This fact can be seen both biblically and statistically as it has been estimated that 95% of people who become followers of Jesus do so because of the influence of someone in their OIKOS.

Comprehensive Approach: To help people engage their OIKOS, we have developed the word OIKOS into an acronym that will equip people to participate in a comprehensive approach that includes care, mission, and service. The acronym is as follows:

O – On Mission with Jesus: When Jesus invited his first disciples to follow him, he told them that he would make them “fishers of men” (Matt 4:19, Mark 1:17, Luke 5:10) indicating that their task was to invite other people to follow. Followers of Jesus have the same purpose.

I – In His Word: God has communicated to us through His word which gives us the ability to listen to and be directed by God daily if we simply meditate on His Word as individuals and collectively (Psalm 1, 119, 2 Tim 3:16-17)

K – Koinonia (Fellowship, Partnership, Shared Life, Participation): Koinonia is a Greek word found in the Bible that is translated as fellowship, partnership, and participation. The meaning of the word is a shared life that begins with the relationship we have with God that is lived out amongst the community of believers who are helping one another as they follow Jesus together. (See Act 2:42-47) Healthy Koinonia is the mark of true disciples of Jesus (John 13:35).

O – Out of our Comfort Zone: Jesus always made a point to spend time with people who were outside of the mainstream of the society. He did it so much he was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard! (Matt 11:19).

S – Serving Together: The love of God is not just words, but must be put on display through good works for the world to see (Matt 5:13-16). These good works reveal our identity when we serve those who face great needs (Matt 25:31-46). As followers of Jesus we must serve our community and invite others to serve with us so they can experience God’s work first hand.